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Goji Berry Revitalizing Cream 100ml (3.38 fl.oz.)

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For normal to slightly damaged hair / Normal skin with Certified organic Goji Berry extract & Olive Oil

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Plant extracts maintain youthfulness.

Certified organic goji berry extract, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, high concentration of antioxidant and plant essences repair hair and skin from the inside. This product moisturizes fantastically, prevents drying out and leaves hair and skin with a soft texture and a blooming vitality.

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  • 99% Natural Ingredients

  • Intense Moisturizer

  • Silky Softness

  • Repair to optimal Health

  • Seeds Inside Eco-Friendly Box

    Seeds Inside Boxes
    O’right is proud to package some of its natural, salon retail products in the world’s greenest paper box! The box will biodegrade when discarded and grow plants!

The boxes are constructed of Forest Stewardship Council certified paper. The FSC is the highest international standard of environmental protection for the forests of the world. The group objectively examines the balance of forest development, and logging to ensure that the entire process from the source of pulp to product distribution promotes sustainability.

Seeds Inside boxes are manufactured with no tropical rainforest or old growth trees. Instead, they use post consumer recycled paper. O’right also advocates planting new trees at the corporate level, as well as through their “Tree in the Bottle” package design. The Seeds Inside packaging has also been recognized as a sustainable product by Green Peace!  

As with other products in the O’right line, the Seeds Inside boxes are printed with non-toxic soy based ink which is completely biodegradable.

    Handmade Seeded Paper
    Each seeded piece of paper is handmade by skilled craftspeople. They use the ancient process of creating pulp with bamboo, bagosse, and purified water. Once the pulp has been soaked, mashed, and dried, they place the seeds into the finished paper. Finally, the sheets of seeded paper are cut and fitted into the retail packaging. Both the seeded paper and boxes are biodegradable.

    How it Works
    After the retail product has been purchased, your client can plant the Seeds Inside box into the ground in an area that gets moderate sunlight. Then they should water and care for the area in the same way they would tend to any planted seed.

    Over time the box will safely biodegrade and the seeds will begin to grow into a lovely flowering plant.


Hair Care—Apply appropriate amount onto hair evenly (especially strengthen on hair tip) without rinse. Skin Care – Apply appropriate amount onto skin evenly.