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Tree In A Bottle

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Worlds First Bottle That Grows A Tree

The patented “Tree in a Bottle” is made with a plant-based plastic that is 100% biodegradable and comes pre-loaded with seeds.  After the product has been used, the bottle is planted into the proper soil conditions.  It biodegrades into a high nutrient fertilizer that helps to germinate the seeds and then grows a tree.  Amazing!

How to Grow a Tree With Your Bottle
How to Grow a Tree with Your Bottle

How It Works
The bottle comes pre-loaded with seeds that are housed in a special plug at the base of the bottle.  By following the above instructions planting the used bottle just above the soil so that it can get sunlight, the bottle will biograde over time and the seeds will begin to grow.

The time it takes for the bottle to decompose and for the seeds to sprout may vary depending on a variety of factors such as soil conditions, temperature, and humidity.

How The Tree In A Bottle Works

The plant based plastic material that the bottle is manufactured with has been certified biodegradable by these internationally recognized environmental organizations.

Tree In A Bottle Certifications