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Oway De-Stress Tonic Potion - 290 ml

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Reactivating, anti-stress face toner
Nickel tested / Dermatologically tested


Gives energy to the skin and carries out an anti-fatigue, soothing and anti-radical action. Produces a thin layer of hydration, preparing the skin for subsequent treatments.

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Key Ingredients:

Biodynamic Nut
Rich in vitamin C, flavonoids and tannins, it performs an anti-age, antiblemish and anti redness action.

Organic Echinacea
It has a normalising, re-epithelising and soothing action. It also has an effect on the connective tissue of the skin with an anti-oxidant and anti-free radical action.

Ethically – produced Purple Rice
Khao Gram is a select variety of purple rice. It leaves your skin soft and smooth. Its characteristic purple colour comes from the high anthocyanin content, which gives it special antioxidant properties and leaves your skin soft and compact.

Alpine Skullcap
Brightens the skin, increasing the beta-endorphins and lipid synthesis.

Does not contain:
Parabens / Silicones / petrolatum / peg, pg & BBG / Edta / synthetic fragrances / artificial colorants / GMO / Phthalates

pH: 4.8 - 5

Morning and evening after PERFECT SKIN CLEANSING CREAM, pour a small amount of toner on a cotton disc or pad and pass it over the entire face, for softer, fresher skin.