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Organic Control Shine Spray Gloss - 150ml Retail Size

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The unique naturally-based product provides anti-frizz and high shine leaving extraordinarily lightweight and natural curl memory, dynamic retention, and anti-frizz results.

Now available in newly designed packaging from our Largo, Florida distribution center.  New packaging coming soon to our Canadian distribution center.



This unique naturally based product provides anti-frizz and high shine. The exceptional, lightweight formula includes Calendula Oil for increased shine and Green Tea Extracts as an anti-oxidant. 

Directions: Hold the bottle approx 12-15” from the hair. Spray the product, allowing it to fall onto the hair.

Organic Control Systems To complete any treatment on your clients, we offer a unique range of styling products, which are 100% plastic-free.


Organic Control Systems ‘No Plastic Styling’ allows the hair to move naturally, while holding the style in place. There is none of the crispy, crunchy feeling that you get with plastic-based styling products, which work by coating the hair with a plastic film. Plus, Organic Control Systems provides long-lasting hold. Bonds made with traditional plastic-based products tend to be brittle and break under vigorous movement and so the hair requires re-styling or touching-up to maintain a freshly styled look over the course of a day.   Instead, Organic Control Systems offers a flexible hold, with superb curl retention, anti-frizz benefits and a lustrous shine for a soft, natural look. All the products are fully intermixable, so there is no limit to the styles you can create. The complete range is suitable for all hair types.


Replacing the traditional plastic base of styling products are two highly innovative ingredient:

Hydrolyzed Maize Starch is a naturally-derived quaternary polymer for outstanding style retention, while maintaining the natural shine and feel of the hair. It also significantly reduces frizz and static. This ingredient is used in our Volume Mousse.

Polyquaternium-72 is a new and exciting plant-derived ingredient that provides the hair with a flexible coating, which produces moveable, high energy curls, as well as anti-frizz benefits and superb shine. It also provides a natural feel to the hair and is used in our Spray Gel and Glaze.


We also use active organic ingredients to maintain healthier hair and shine. Certified organic marigold flower extract provides the lustrous shine and Certified organic green tea extract acts as a natural antioxidant.    Antioxidants are necessary to fight the free radicals in our bodies, which are caused by oxygen and can cause damage.

  • No Plastics 
  • Certified Organic Ingredients 
  • Fully Intermixable Range 
  • Long Lasting Flexible Hold
  • Anti-Frizz • Lustrous Shine 
  • Suitable for all hair types

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