Changing Salons for the Better

Fantastic NEW Colors & Styling Products
from Organic Salon Systems!

We always strive to bring you the latest and greatest in professional, natural salon products.  Salon products that meet your needs and perform to the highest standards.  That is why we are proud to bring you these exciting products.  Colors that will inspire you and make your formulas more creative. Styling products that are versatile and unique.

Organic Color Systems Brighteners

The Brighteners for Organic Color Systems are pure color shades that can be added to existing formulas to create complex colors that add a kick to the same old, same old. They can also be used on pre-lightened hair to create dazzling and funky high fashion colors!  The new Brighteners range includes Extra Bright Orange - XBO, Extra Bright Red - XBR, Extra Bright Violet - XBV and Extra Bright Yellow - XBY.  All of these colors are 100% ammonia free, and with the exception of XBV, they contain no PPD/PTD!  Because the Brighteners are oxidative colors and NOT direct dyes, they need to be mixed with an activator and processed like the colors in the Organic Color Systems line.

New Styling Products

The Crème and Gel are now part of the Organic Control Systems range which is completely plastic free. The unique formula of naturally–derived ingredients used in Organic Control Systems allows the hair to move, while maintaining its natural look and feel. The result is exceptional curl memory, dynamic curl retention, anti frizz and lustrous shine.

Crème provides medium hold for a defined style and texture. It has an easy to apply formulation for everyday use. Crème contains no petroleum jelly or mineral oil. It is formulated with the naturally derived conditioner Castor Isostearate Succinate and naturally derived moisturizer Propanediol.

Gel provides a soft hold and superb curl retention with a host of natural and organic ingredients. Ideal for a wet look and textured styles.  Gel is made with natural seaweed extract, which is a superb fixative and moisturizer, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) seed extract that is an organic UV absorber and the organic moisturizer Glycerin.

Wax and Putty have joined the Organic Connect range, as these products contain plastic to ensure a strong enough hold. The Wax and Putty can both be mixed together to give your hair a more dynamic look. You can also mix the wax with Gloss Serum to give your hair real shine and hold.

Wax is a firm hold styling product. It is excellent to use on short hair for sculptured styles and to give hair a funky look. It is a great finishing product, especially on dry and frizzy hair. This product contains no petroleum jelly or mineral oil. Some of the key ingredients in Wax include the naturally-derived fixative Beeswax, the natural moisturizer Propanediol and Castor Isostearate Succinate which is a naturally-derived conditioner.

Putty is a medium hold styling product and gives hair a defined style. It is also superb as a finishing product for smoothing ends. This product is silicone-free. Key ingredients include the natural abrasive Quartz, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, the naturally derived conditioner PG-Propyl Silantriol which helps to prevent damage caused by blow drying and styling while enhancing hair gloss and smoothness and the natural fixative Beeswax.

All of the products within the Organic Control Systems and Organic Connect ranges are fully compatible.  They can be mixed in combination to suit both stylists' and clients' needs.