Changing Salons for the Better

  • The best hair color I have ever used. It changed my life and my business!

  • The most natural, safe, organic, and truly formaldehyde free keratin smoothing product available! My clients demand nothing less and love the product.

  • I have never seen a color cover grey better and fade less. This color line is absolutely amazing!

  • The KeraGreen smoothing system is fabulous and my clients are willing pay pay more for the organic service. Best of all, I don't have to sacrifice my health for my business!

  • These are fantastic retail products that really support the organic color service. The wet line really handles any type of hair and best of all my clients love them!

Moroccan Organics Product Line

The most effective argan oil system available!
Moroccan Organics uses a leading-edge technology to extract purest of argan tree root cells which make this line 7x-10x more potent in treating hair.


Check out the innovative Oright Salon Line

Innovative new line with bottle that grows a tree!
Check out this revolutionary natural care & styling line with specialized botanical ranges for specific types of hair and conditons.


Organic Ceratin Systems - Permanent Keratin Straightner

Introducing Organic Ceratin Systems!
Now your clients achieve straight hair with a lustrous healthy shine without the toxic side effects.  Check out the latest in keratin straightening.

Hanz de Fuko - Men's Styling from Organic Salon Systems

Check out the all-natural Hanz de Fuko line!
Finally a natural line of styling products made "just for him".  Hanz De Fuko offers a well rounded set of tools for any need!  Grow your men's business!


Organic Curl Systems - Ammonina & Thio FREE Perm

Simply the best natural perm ever!
Those who have used this revolutionary perm keep coming back for more.  It's a versatle perm that can do just about anything.  Find out why and how!


Soothe Plus - Relief for Sensitive Scalps

Offer Scalp Care Services with the Soothe Package!
Increase sales by servicing a segment of the market that is often overlooked & turn them into loyal customers.  Soothe ezcema, psoriasis & scalp/skin irritations.