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Tone Boosters 0/19 - 0/88

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Tone Booster Range of Ammonia and PPD free permanent hair color additives from O&M's Mineral.CCT line.

Mix tones can be added to counteract or subdue unwanted tone or intensify a reflect. The higher the level of

colour the less mix tone that should be added. The maximum mix tone that can be added to any colour is

1 gram / 0.03.oz to every 10 gram / 0.3.oz More mix tone added to higher levels will make them darker and

more added to lower levels will make them lighter. To achieve the best results when using warm mix tones

use equal amounts of activator. When using cool mix tones no extra activator should be added as it will dilute

the dulling effect.

0/19 Ash Matte to reduce orange/red

0/66 Violet to increase violet tones or subdue yellow.

0/33 Gold to increase gold tones

0/43 Copper to increase copper tones.

0/55 Red to increase red tones.

0/88 Blue to reduce orange warmth or to increase coolness of tone.