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Moroccan Organics Product Line

World's Most Effective Argan Oil System!
Moroccan Organics utilizes the revolutionary certified organic argan tree root cellulose making it 7x-10x more potent in treating hair and cutting drying time by 70%!

Check out the innovative Oright Salon Line

Eco-Salon Bottles that Grow Trees!
Our revolutionary natural care & styling line with specialized botanical ranges for specific types of hair conditions bottled in eco-friendly packaging that can be planted to grow a tree!

Organic Curl Systems - Ammonina & Thio FREE Perm

Simply the best natural perm ever!
Those who have used this revolutionary perm keep coming back for more.  It's a versatle perm that can do just about anything.  Find out why and how!


KeraGreen - Formaldehyde Free Keratin and Protein Smoothing

A Natural and Safe Keratin Blow out!
KeraGreen offers an organic solution to the popular keratin and protein treatments that is formaldehyde free for healthy, manageable, and smoother hair!

O'right Hair Tonic for Hair Regrowth

Invigorate the scalp and promote regrowth!
O'right Hair Tonic is great for cleansing, improving circulation, and strengthening follices for regrowth. Be sure to remind your account manager about this special offer.

Soothe Plus - Relief for Sensitive Scalps

Offer Scalp Care Services with Soothe Plus!
Increase sales by servicing a segment of the market that is often overlooked & turn them into loyal customers.  Soothe ezcema, psoriasis & scalp/skin irritations.